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Distance Yoga » Yoga Programmes » Code of Conduct

Course Registration Months:
Jaunary and July

Academic Sessions will start in
the month of Jaunary and July

Student's and Participants code of conduct is to maintain a fine ambience of yoga and spiritual lore. Such an Ashram Atmosphere will help the students / participants accelerate their growth and total personality development.
Note: All sessions are COMPULSORY for all students

A. Code of Discipline

  • All the participants are required to reach in time for all the programs including food. So they should start for the venue concerned as soon as they hear the bell.
  • Sincerity and regularity are part of YOGA, which helps to reap the benefit fully. Hence all programs are compulsory. No one is supposed to absent himself / herself from any program. Please take active part in the same. In case of difficulty please contact the course coordinator.
  • As Yoga brings harmony and order, let it manifest even in simple things. For example, sitting in order in the class, keeping the shoes in order, etc.
  • Always have the following things with you in the class:
  • Course Materials
  • One note book
  • A pen
  • Please maintain silence and harmony in the campus including the dining hall (except singing and chanting).
  • Please maintain cleanliness. Your room/toilets, etc. should be as clean.
  • Switch off the lights and turn off the water taps when not needed, particularly, while leaving your room/toilets. You may take the initiative and stop such wastages wherever you see the same in the campus
  • All the valuables may be deposited with the office. Since the cloak room facility is not very large, this facility may not be provided for bulky valuables.
  • To play transistor, tape recorders, to use cellphones, etc in the room or in the campus is strictly prohibited and will be viewed seriously
  • All the lights in the rooms should be put off by 10.00 p.m.
  • Participants are not allowed out of the campus until the course is completed. All necessary articles for daily use are available at the counter and for those not available you can give the name of the article with money two days in advance.
  • Use of Alcohol, Tobacco in any form, drugs or betel leaves, etc is strictly prohibited.
  • Please maintain the decorum of Ashram and conduct yourself accordingly. Ladies and Gents are not to meet each other in their rooms or residence.
  • Please use telephone sparingly. Our number is, within Bangalore 22639901, from outside to Bangalore +91 080 22639901.
  • Only laundry area should be used to wash the clothes. Bath rooms should not be blocked for washing.
  • For evening walking-meditation please use the ring road. LADIES AND GENTS HAVE DIFFERENT AREAS FOR THE PURPOSE. Please do not go out of the campus.
  • Please don't pluck flowers, or fruits. Enjoy them as and where they are.
  • NO TIPS Please.
  • Obtain valid money receipt for all the purchases, donations, payments, etc.
  • “Time and tide waits for none”. So make the best use of your leisure. Use it for svadhyaya (self-study), contemplation, etc. Avoid gossiping here and there.
  • Please leave your suggestions in the box kept at the reception.
  • All the staff members are ready to serve. Please help us to serve you better.
  • Only healthy participants are eligible for the courses and the programmes. We require a fitness certificate from all students
  • Gurukula way of sitting in the class room (No chair)
  • Karma Yoga leads to Moksa through the path of Action. Participate in these sessions to the best of your ability to gain the rich benefits. Serving duty during the meals sessions will be allotted to you. Utilise this unique opportunity to reach bliss through service action.

Please Note:
* Since all the participants have put a lot of effort, money, time and energy in taking up this sacred project of Yoga learning, it is our duty to see that the programme goes on smoothly.
* We appeal to all the participants to cooperate with us for the same by following the above discipline meticulously. However, if it is noticed that the harmony of the entire group is disturbed due to one or two individuals, the disciplinary committee will not hesitate to take strong action against them.


B.Dress code

  • During yoga practice sessions yogāsana dress (Salvār Kurtā for women and Trouser - Baniyān/T-shirt for men) and at other times Sāri/Salvār Kurtā for female and Trouser and Shirt for male students is suggested.
    Please Note
  • Women are suggested to wear dress in tune with ashram atmosphere. Any type of dress that is not dignified is not preferred.
  • Members of both the sexes are expected to conduct themselves as per ashram norms.

C. Articles to be brought

  • Toilet requirements.
  • Writing materials.
  • Yoga uniform will be provided by SVYASA on payment.
  • Please bring - (a) Torch (b) Umbrella (c) Sweater or Shawl during winter and other requirements.

D. Other particulars

  • Library facility is available for reference.
  • Simple sattvika Indian food will be provided.
  • Course fee has to be remitted by DD or Cash. DD to be drawn in favor of SVYASA Bangalore.
  • Please Note: Course fee for any course is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
  • Due to heavy rush in trains you are advised to secure the return journey reservation in advance for short-term courses.

E. Karma Yoga
Selfless work, forgetting one's ego and relinquishing the desire for reward, brings immense mental peace and satisfaction. It expands one's consciousness and relieves mental tension, which is the primal cause of most of the problems, we face. Hence voluntary work forms a part of the integral Yoga offered in SVYASA. The residents, therefore, should develop the proper attitude to enjoy self-help and serve others of the organization, for their own benefits.

F. For Foreign Students
Nearly all foreign nationals, on long term visas and foreign nationals from certain countries on any visa are subject to registration in India as provided by the Registration of Foreigners Act, 1939 and Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1992. Foreign nationals entering India on a Student, Employment, Research or Missionary visa, which is valid for more than 180 days, are required to register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officers (FRROs) under whose jurisdiction they propose to stay. This should be done within 14 days of arrival in India, irrespective of their actual period of stay. Please go through Indian Government website for University Grants Commission for more details